Once you decide to buy a pre-owned Ford vehicle, it’s time to put a plan together to ensure that you get the right car. These are some questions to ask that will help you make the best decision at Lester Glenn Ford.

How Important is Mileage?

While the number of miles a car has shouldn’t be disregarded, it also shouldn’t necessarily be a deal-breaker if it’s on the higher side. It’s important to remember that on average, a car owner puts around 14,000 miles on their vehicle every year. This means that for a five-year-old car, the mileage will probably be around 70,000. If it’s nearer to 80,000, that’s still close to the average. If, however, there are 100,000 miles or more, then it could make sense to be a little wary.

How Do I Gauge the Condition?

When evaluating a pre-owned Ford, you’ll want to learn what kind of shape it’s in. The first thing to do is to take a good look at the exterior to check for dings, dents, or scratches. Then, go inside to examine the floors and upholstery. If everything appears to be fine, now it’s time for the test drive. Once you’re out on the road, see how the vehicle accelerates and brakes and takes turns and curves. Also, ask your Ford dealer for a copy of the vehicle’s history report.

Is Financing a Good Option?

If you don’t have the entire asking price for your car, you’ll want to consider financing. This involves putting up money for a down payment and then taking out a loan for the remainder. If you have an old car you’re looking to replace, you should find out what’s it worth, as it may have a good value that you could use towards your down payment.

Get All of Your Questions Answered at Lester Glenn Ford

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