If your Ford lease expires soon and you’ll be turning the car in, you must start thinking about the return process. But what if you moved since the lease inception? Since you may be wondering, “Can I return my Ford lease to any dealership?” Lester Glenn Ford answers that question and offers tips to make the process easier.

Returning Your Ford Vehicle

Ford aims to make leasing as easy as possible, including a lease end as seamless as its beginning. The good news is that you can return your leased Ford car to any participating dealership. This helps simplify things if returning to the original dealership is no longer convenient or feasible.

Steps to Take for an Expiring Lease

If you just want to turn your vehicle in, it’s important to do a couple of things.

  • Find and address any damage that could be considered excess wear, like dents or scratches, scheduling minor repairs now to avoid wear and tear charges later.
  • Remove all of your belongings (tip: double-check the cargo area and under the seats).
  • Put back anything you may have taken out, like carpeted floormats or the owner’s manual.

Lease-End Options

In addition to returning your Ford car, there are other options you can think about. For example, you could lease a newer version of the same model or a different type of vehicle. Or, if you’re having second thoughts about returning your car, you could buy it.

Bring Your Leased Ford to Lester Glenn Ford

No matter where you leased your Ford vehicle, you can return it to Lester Glenn Ford in Ocean, NJ. If you have any questions about the lease-end process, contact us for answers you can trust!