As your Ford dealership in Ocean Township, NJ, it’s important to us here at Lester Glenn Ford that we have the trust of our customers. That is why we’d like to make you aware of some car-buying myths that won’t actually do you any good.

Come in on a rainy day

This is effectively car-buying myth 101. Most insidious of all, the logic actually makes sense. The idea is that no one will be at the dealership on a rainy day, making it the perfect time to shop. Car lots are primarily outside. Who is going to want to shop outside in the rain? As it turns out, the answer is more people than you’d think, most of which inspired by the same idea that no one would be there. This is the oldest car-buying myth in the book, and perhaps the least true.

Closing time is the best time to get a good deal

This is along the same lines as the rainy day myth. Instead of no one being there, the theory is that the dealership staff will be so ready to go home after a long day that they will give you a better deal just to get out the door. Of course, that’s not really how it works. The deals are the deals from when the doors first open to when they get locked at night. At Lester Glenn Ford our customer service is on as long as our lights are.

Surprise Trade-Ins

According to this myth, you have to get the price of your 2018 Ford F-150 hammered out and finalized before you let us know you have a trade-in. Otherwise, we would overcharge you. Again, we take your trust very seriously and we wouldn’t employ those tactics. Furthermore, you can always verify that truth on our website which is upfront about prices and trade-in value estimates.