Lester Glenn Ford, your Ocean, NJ Ford dealership, would like to take this opportunity to make sure all our customers know the best ways to increase their chances of passing their upcoming emissions tests.

If there were only one piece of advice we could give you, it would be to make sure your check engine light is not on. In some instances, the light being on serves as a disqualifier in and of itself. Furthermore, even if they do test your car, whatever is causing the indicator to light up will likely result in a failure as well. Many of the systems the test seeks to assess are linked to the check engine light. It can be very difficult to figure out exactly which one the light is trying to tell you is on the fritz.

Should your engine light come on as your test approaches, bring your car into our Ford service center. Let our highly trained technicians locate the problem and get everything working the way it’s supposed to again.

If there were only two pieces of advice we could give you, the second would be to drive your car, perhaps more than usual, as the test day approaches. This will do wonders for your catalytic converter, another area of interest for the emissions test.

The catalytic converter works to convert the harmful emissions from your vehicle before they can get into the atmosphere. This process can often lead to a lot of buildup. So much that it can hinder the converter’s performance. As it turns out, an effective way of cleaning it off is burning it away by increasing the temperature of the car. An easy way to do that is to drive at higher speeds for sustained periods of time.

If you want to be absolutely sure, just bring your car to us here at Lester Glenn Ford and let us give it a full tune-up. That way there will be no lingering doubts.