With gas prices rising, more and more drivers are asking our Lester Glenn Ford dealers about fuel efficiency. The good news is, with a Ford SUV you’ll find plenty of features to keep your fuel costs down while still allowing you the space and versatility you need!

Today we’re diving into how fuel efficient one of our most popular SUVs is, the 2022 Ford Edge.

Fuel Efficiency in the 2022 Ford Edge

So how does this Ford SUV save you money at the pump?

  • Good miles per gallon. True, an SUV will always need more fuel than a compact sedan, but with the 2022 Ford Edge you can get as much as 28 miles per gallon with highway driving!
  • Large fuel tank. The 18.5-gallon fuel tank not only means you have to stop less often to fill up, but when you find cheaper prices, you can go a long way on that tank of gas.
  • Ford SYNC® system. Most drivers know this as an infotainment system that keeps them connected and entertained, but the Ford SYNC® system also allows you to monitor your fuel economy – both your current miles-per-gallon and your miles-per-gallon over a trip or period of time – so you can adjust your driving to make the most of every gallon.
  •  EcoBoost® engines. Whatever power train you choose, the Ford EcoBoost® engines ensure you don’t have to sacrifice performance for fuel economy.

2022 Ford Edge in Ocean, NJ

The 2022 Ford Edge is a perfect choice for families, outdoor adventurers, and any other SUV drivers who are concerned about their fuel efficiency. Talk to a Lester Glenn Ford dealer today to learn more about this Ford SUV and our current Ford specials. Ocean, NJ drivers can get the best of both the SUV and fuel-efficient worlds with a 2022 Ford Edge!