While driving is a daily necessity for many New Jersey residents, roadways, especially during summer construction season, can pose unique challenges for drivers. From skidding out on slippery pavement to suffering from a blown-out tire, here’s how to navigate a couple common driving hazards, from the automotive pros at Lester Glen Ford.

Blown-Out Tire

You’re traveling along on the highway you suddenly hear a loud booming sound, followed by thumping. It feels like you hit a speed bump, but you soon realize your tire has blown out.

It’s imperative that you firmly hold your steering wheel in both hands, taking your foot off of the accelerator and allowing your Ford vehicle to slow down naturally. Switch your hazard lights on and gently steer your vehicle to a safe location that’s as far away from the highway as possible, braking gently when you’re ready to stop.

A Car Accident

Accidents really do come out of nowhere, and they never come at a convenient time for you or any other drivers on the road. This is especially the case if you’re hit in a high-traffic area.

If you’ve been hit at a busy intersection and your car is still drivable, carefully steer it to a secure location. You should only get out of your car if it doesn’t hinder traffic or endanger anybody. If you have passengers, check to make sure they’re okay and dial 911. Set up flares and safety triangles after you move the vehicle to a safe spot, call your insurance company, and trade contact and insurance info with the other driver.

Beyond these tips, we at Lester Glenn Ford want to let you know to always be proactive and pay attention while driving to ensure you remain safe.