At Lester Glenn Ford in Ocean Township, NJ, we strive to stay current with all the latest technology in the automotive field. It brings us great pleasure to introduce you to some of the tech features that will lead the way in 2018 and beyond.

Remote Start Apps

If you’ve ever locked your keys in your car, you know how big a hassle it can be. New cellphone interactive technology has made this essentially the problem of a bygone era. There are already apps that can unlock your car and even activate some basic functions. Soon you’ll be able to start your car completely using your cellphone. Who knows, further remote control could be just around the corner too.


If you think self-driving cars are some future technology we won’t see for another twenty years, you are wrong. The technology actually exists right now. Of course, because of the safety concerns, that technology will have to go through extensive and rigorous testing before it’s openly available to the public. But, that day is rapidly approaching.

Steering Collision Avoidance

While fully autonomous vehicles may still be on the horizon, autonomous accident prevention is here already. Forward collision braking has been an available feature for a few years now. The latest innovation is steering collision avoidance. In case of emergency, this system will take control of the steering system and guide you out of danger.


360 cameras and backup cameras are all but universally standard in new cars. One area that was previously neglected was inside the car, until now. New cameras are being added to allow drivers to remain aware of what people in the back of the car are doing without having to take their full attention off the road. It’s perfect for parents.

You can find some of these technologies available in great Ford cars like the 2018 Ford Edge when you come into Lester Glenn Ford!