There’s one major requisite when it comes to purchasing a new car: financing. Whether you are looking at new Ford trucks, a pre-owned Ford Escape, or a Ford Fusion lease, you can’t leave the lot until your financing is secured. At Lester Glenn Ford, we can help you with the process, not matter how overwhelming it may seem at first.

It’s best to start by finding out your credit score. A good score helps you get more lender options. Plus, it helps you secure a lower interest rate, which can create savings of thousands by the end of your loan.

Next, you’ll want to see what you qualify for. You can easily apply for financing online or you can speak with our Ford finance center about a credit application. You can not only determine how much of a car you can afford but get an idea of your monthly payment amount. That way, you can ensure it works with your budget.

You also need to be sure to be saving for a down payment. You may also want to check your trade-in value, on a site such as Kelley Blue Book, if you’re thinking about using your existing vehicle as a down payment. This way, you have an idea of what it’s worth and what you may still need to save. Keep in mind, for an exact estimate, you’ll want to bring your vehicle in to have our team take a look at it.

Have more questions about the financing process? Or, just ready to get started? Visit our Ford dealership near Brick, NJ at 900 Highway 35 in Ocean, NJ, and we can help! This can be a simple and seamless process. All you have to do is reach out!