Want your Ford F-150 or Ford Escape near Asbury Park, NJ to perform its best this summer? Consider the following gas-saving tips from Lester Glenn Ford, and prepare to pay less at the pump.


The 2018 Ford model lineup includes some of the country’s most fuel-efficient cars – models like the Ford Fusion, Ford Focus, and Ford Fiesta. And if you master the art of anticipating traffic, you can get even better fuel economy from your Ford car. By familiarizing yourself with the general flow of traffic, you’ll benefit from smoother acceleration and braking. This type of “steady driving” can boost your Ford vehicle’s fuel economy by up to 20 percent.

Air conditioning

It’s always tempting to switch on the AC, especially after a long day of work when temperatures are high. Our advice is to moderate your AC usage: save it for really hot days, and rely on your car’s windows/fan for days when you can survive without AC. Your gas budget will benefit based on the simple fact that your engine works 20 percent harder when the AC is engaged.

Cruise control

Cruise control might just be one of the most useful automotive inventions of the last half-century, especially for highway driving. Not only does it offer a “set it and forget it” convenience during long road trips, but using cruise control as often as possible equates to better gas mileage and a longer time between fill-ups.


When it’s nice and sunny outside, many of the customers visiting our Ford service center serving Tinton Falls, NJ do so with their windows down. Lowering the windows and turning off the AC during summer is always encouraged – unless you’re on the highway. Open windows increase drag (especially at high speeds), which can decrease fuel efficiency by up to 10 percent.