Your Ford Escape’s battery is its mechanical heart, delivering power to all of the vehicle’s components. Without an efficiently-working battery, you’ll be headed nowhere. Here are some surefire signs that your car needs a new battery.

Engine is Slow to Start

Over the course of its life, a car battery’s parts will wear out and stop working. When this happens, it takes longer for the battery to create a charge for the starter, resulting in you having to wait longer for your vehicle’s engine to turn over. A slow start means you should visit our Ocean, NJ Ford service center.

Check Engine Light is On

An illuminated check engine light could mean that your Ford Escape is out of juice. Always check your owner’s manual and get your battery tested by one of our expert mechanics to see if it is working properly. If not, you’ll need to replace it.

Dim Lights

Your SUV’s battery powers everything inside of your car, including your lights and radio. If your battery isn’t working optimally, it will have a tough time feeding power to all of your car’s components. If you notice dimming lights and other electrical issues, a dying battery may be the culprit.

Foul Smells

A damaged battery can start leaking gas. If you smell rotten eggs when you lift the hood, take your Ford Escape into our service and parts center immediately.

Corroded Connectors

If you see any white, ashy residue on your battery’s metal parts, then you probably have a corrosion problem. Corroded terminals – the negative and positive metal parts on the top of the battery – can cause voltage problems.

If you’re in need of a new battery, stop by Lester Glenn Ford’s service center now!