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One subject that seems to regularly confound drivers is car insurance. It’s understandable, it’s a lot to take in. While we can’t provide a full breakdown here, we can give you the basics of the basics.

Your premium, or what you’ll need to pay for car insurance, is based on how insurable you are. This is determined by your driving history as well as various other personal tidbits like age and where you live. Younger drivers are considered riskier and thus will typically have to pay more. The same is true for new drivers versus seasoned veterans.

Do you want to insure a 2018 Ford Escape or an older used model? This will have a big effect on how much it cost to insure the car. More valuable cars are going to cost more to insure and new cars are almost always more valuable.

What kind of coverage are you looking for. The state will help you answer that question because at least one (usually Liability) coverage is a legal requirement. Beyond that, in most states, you have the freedom to choose whichever other coverages you want. And, frankly, you’ll probably want a few. Paying monthly premiums may not be fun, but paying for repairs out of pocket can be a huge financial burden. You can split the difference if you feel you have the means to supplement smaller insurance payouts with a higher deductible.

Once you know how to navigate the world of car insurance, it becomes about finding the plan that works best for you. Here at Lester Glenn Ford, that’s all we want!