With summer here, you may be excited to get out on the road for a trip. And if you’re planning to bring a pet or two along, it may be time to consider adding some Ford parts or accessories to your car to improve safety. This guide goes over other ways to enhance your trip.

Use a Carrier

On winding roads or with stop-and-go traffic, there’s always a chance that your pet will get tossed around. To avoid this, put them in a carrier or crate, or use a seatbelt-connected harness. Another benefit to doing this is that you won’t have to worry about your pet getting in a spot where they shouldn’t be or distracting you from the road. Plus, whenever you stop, your pet won’t be able to dash out the door.

Cover Your Upholstery

Even if you drive an older car, you probably want to shield your upholstery from messes. This is why investing in waterproof seat covers is a smart idea. You can also protect your floors from dirt and mud with all-weather floor mats, which can easily be removed and cleaned when necessary.

Pack For Their Journey As Well As Yours

Your pet needs the same essentials you do when you’re on the road. That means water, some snacks, and something to occupy their time. It’s also wise to pack medications, first aid supplies, and a favorite blanket or pet bed (the latter will help them stay calm in a sometimes-stressful environment if they’re not used to the ride).

Get Ford Parts and Accessories from Lester Glenn Ford

Before you hit the road this summer with your pet, contact Lester Glenn Ford in Ocean, NJ. We will make sure that you get the parts or accessories you need to make your trip a great one.