If you are like many New Jersey car shoppers right now, you are thinking about the benefits of electric vehicles. To ensure you get a Ford EV that fits your needs and budget, the Lester Glenn Ford team has compiled a few helpful tips to remember before you visit our dealership.

Driving Range

How long do you want to go before charging your battery? EPA-estimated driving ranges can vary widely with EVs. For example, the 2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E can go up to 312 miles on a full charge, while the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning offers a driving range of 240 miles.

Battery Charging

One of the most critical elements of EV ownership involves keeping the battery charged. And because public charging stations in and around Ocean are less plentiful than gas stations, you must know where to go when you need to top off. The good news is that the FordPass® app features charging locations and EV power management utilities for your convenience.

Home Charging

Regular household outlets can power every electric car, but their long charging times make them impractical. However, installing a Level 2 charger at home – which uses the same 240-volt current as some household appliances – could be an intelligent alternative that lets you charge overnight during off-peak hours. This requires an inspection and installation by a qualified electrician.

Get All of Your EV Questions Answered at Lester Glenn Ford

If you need additional information about electric cars, Lester Glenn Ford will happily answer them. Contact us or visit our dealership to speak to someone in person. You can also check out our available EVs and take a test drive while you’re here, so stop by today!