For a lot of drivers, budget is the reason they’re searching for “used dealerships near me.” And while the lower price tag is definitely a big reason to choose a pre-owned vehicle, there are actually a lot of other advantages to choosing a used Ford car, truck, or SUV!

Why Buy Used?

While there are other reasons to choose a pre-owned Ford model, these are our top three reasons to go with a used vehicle.

  1. Slower depreciation. As vehicles get older and experience more wear and tear, they steadily decrease in value – that’s called depreciation. But did you know that the fastest depreciation happens right after a new car is driven off the lot? With a used car, that big drop in value has already happened, so you can enjoy a slower, more normal rate of depreciation.
  • Great value. True, a new Ford F-150 or Ford Escape is already a great value. But with pre-owned, you can often find hidden gems and get some truly outstanding bang for your buck. There are plenty of recently released or low mileage, well-cared-for used vehicles that are almost as good as new…for a much lower price.
  • Lower insurance premiums. Since insurance premiums are based on the value of your vehicle, a used vehicle (which has already had the fastest depreciation when it was originally purchased) usually comes with lower monthly insurance costs.

Used Ford Cars in Ocean, NJ

Even if the cost of the purchase isn’t the main driving factor, there are a lot of good reasons you might choose to forgo the new option and instead search for a pre-owned Ford Edge or a used Ford F-150 for sale. Ocean, NJ drivers can find a great selection of new and used vehicles alike at Lester Glenn Ford!