The scorching heat of summer can make the otherwise gorgeous season for Ocean, NJ drivers downright unpleasant. For drivers seeking to beat the summer’s intense heat, you need to be proactive in order to keep your car refreshingly cool. Utilize these pro tips from Lester Glenn Ford to combat the sun all season long.

Park in the Shade and Crack Your Windows

Whenever possible, be sure to park in a shady spot and crack your windows a smidge to provide an escape route for the hot air that’s trapped inside your cabin. If you plan on parking your vehicle for an extended amount of time, it is worth it to walk a bit further in order to park your ride in the shade. You’ll be happy to open the door to a not-so-hot car when you return to it after your day’s outing.

Invest in a Solar Powered Fan

Paired with your already cracked windows, a solar powered fan can make your car feel downright pleasant even during the hottest summer days. These easy-breezy fans will expel the hot air from your car and provide a constant source of circulation.

Put Blankets over Your Seats

Never suffer from leg burn again if you’re donning shorts! Put blankets over your vinyl or leather seats to keep them cool. When you return to your parked car, you can simply toss the blankets onto the floorboards or stow them away in the trunk.

Stick to these simple tips in order to avoid turning your car into a sweltering sweat lodge this summer. And visit our Ford service center near Brick, NJ for sun shades and other accessories that can help keep you cool.