At Lester Glenn Ford, we know that the only better thing than driving off in a new Ford pickup is having the ability to personalize your new ride with amazing accessories. Here are our top Ford accessory picks to add some pizazz to your pickup.

Tailgate Assist – If you’ve owned a pickup truck before, you have probably been in this situation: you hop out of your cabin and go to open the tailgate when it suddenly slams, catching everyone’s attention in a not-so-appealing fashion. This can also cause damage to your truck, too. We recommend investing in a tailgate lift to protect your ride and avoid embarrassment.

All-Weather Floor Mats – Nothing is worse than getting mud, dirt, and debris all over the inside of your nice clean cab. Whether it’s after a tough day on the job or a fun afternoon of fishing, protect the inside of your truck by buying some all-weather floor mats made specifically to fit your Ford truck.

Battery Powered Bed Lighting – Come again? Many folks don’t know about this fun accessory you can add to your truck’s bed. Illuminate your truck’s bed so you can easily load and unload cargo at night.

Bed Liner – There are numerous Ford truck bed liners available on the market that cater to every taste and preference. It not only protects your bed, but your belongings as well.

Running Boards – Make getting into and out of your truck bed easy with a running board, which acts as a convenient step-up. You, and anyone else who uses your Ford truck, will greatly appreciate it.

Personalize your truck with these nifty accessories and have a customized ride that is entirely your own!