The expert Ford truck dealers at Lester Glenn Ford are here to help you find the right vehicle for you, no matter the season. When football season is underway, many Ford truck drivers want nothing more than to find the best truck for tailgating. Here, our experts will tell you the best features you will want once it is time for tailgating season.

Top Tailgating Features

One feature you will want for tailgating is a cover for your truck bed. Unfortunately, the weather does not always play along with our tailgate parties, so you will want something that can keep your food and supplies dry.

You never want your phone to die unexpectedly in the middle of a tailgate, which is where USB ports in a vehicle can come in handy. Make sure that whatever Ford truck you choose has built-in USB ports.

You need a way to stream the game at the tailgate. Sure, the radio will work, but if you have the means to watch the game on a TV, why wouldn’t you? Luckily, if you sign up for FordPass®, you can get a Wi-Fi hotspot, so you can stream the game!

Finally, although this may seem obvious, you will want to get a storage box to put in the truck bed. Not only will this keep everything clean and protected, but you can also get creative and fill it with ice for beverages.

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Here at Lester Glenn Ford, we want you to have safe, responsible fun at your next tailgate. Swing by our dealership to find the right Ford truck for your next tailgate.