To keep your Ford vehicle in the best condition, it needs regular maintenance with us at the Lester Glenn Ford Service Center. There may not be anything wrong with your Ford vehicle but coming in to have it checked will prevent any serious issues in the future, and regular maintenance is needed for the car to continue running well.

The Importance of Maintenance

Maintenance of your Ford vehicle is important for it to run smoothly, safely, and efficiently. Every model Ford has different specific maintenance needs, but there are common regular maintenance checks that can be made for all Ford vehicles. Here is a checklist of Ford vehicle services that you should have performed routinely.

Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

Maintenance tasks you should schedule include:

  • Tire service: Tire rotations ensure even wear on your tires, and air pressure should be checked often. This will prevent premature wear and damage and help avoid a roadside emergency.
  • Oil Change: Oil changes should be done every six months or 5,000-7,000 miles. Old oil becomes dirty and thick, leading to engine damage; new oil keeps engine components running smoothly.
  • Brake Service: Your brakes are among the most important components of any vehicle. Brake fluid should be flushed or topped off, pads and rotors checked, and necessary repairs performed.
  • Lights: Headlights, taillights, running lights, and indicators are all essential for driving at night or in inclement weather conditions. Our team can check and change these bulbs so you can avoid a roadside emergency or accident.
  • Fluids: Your Ford vehicle has several systems that require fluid to operate properly, and they need to be replenished regularly to avoid damage. Fluids include motor oil, transmission fluid, coolant, and brake fluid.
  • Other Essentials: Windshield wipers, electrical systems, belts, hoses, and filters should also be properly checked by our technicians routinely.

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